Great Kids, Great Values!

As a parent you want the best for your kids.  You want them to have great lives but have you ever really thought about what skills and values your kids need to know in order to get there?  Have you ever sat down and made a list of exactly what you want to teach your kids?  Ask yourself these questions.  If you were gone tomorrow, what skills and values would you most want your kids to have learned?  What would your children need to know in order to have happy, meaningful and productive lives?

Kids and Character was created to answer those exact questions.  We believe that character matters and all of our programs are designed to teach  the Kids and Character Ten Key Values and Ten Key Skills.  Our curriculum is built around data gathered while interviewing parents and asking them which skills and values were critical for their kids to learn.  This information is great for parents but more importantly, it is presented in a way your kids will understand.  If you want to help your kids grow into terrific adults, Kids and Character can give you a map to get there.

Teach by Doing - Spend Time with Your Kids!

At Kids and Character we believe that the best thing you can do for your kids is to spend time with them.  Our programs present real life activities for kids and parents to do together.  Your kids will love the adventures and you will love the unique ideas!  We also offer parent’s guides that show you how to teach these valuable lessons in the context of an activity.  There are lots of new ideas here so get ready for a great time.

We’ll take you hot air ballooning, kite flying and indoor skydiving.  We’ll make candles, build a hot air balloon and cook together.  We’ll show you all about racing and follow some kids as they race in Jr. NHRA Drag Racing.  We’ll even take you inside of a butterfly habitat and see some interesting creatures!  The point is, there are a million things for families to do together so find your passion, find your purpose and give your kids the best gift ever - your time.

Two Programs to Choose From

We are currently producing two Character Development series, each with its own unique flavor.  The Complete Coach’s Guide series helps coaches incorporate character development into their practices.  Magic Adventures inspires kids and parents to go out and find an adventure.

If you are interested in hearing when our features are available, sign up here and we’ll pop you an email when our videos are ready. In the meantime, give your kids and extra hug and spend some time with them.  The activities you do together will be the building blocks of their lives!

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Kids and Character Programs

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